English Language Training for Business (ELTforB)
English Language Training for Business (ELTforB)
English Language Training for Business
English Language Training for Business

Welcome to the website for English Language Training for Business, incorporating 'Krista Consulting' Accredited Management and Business Development

English Language Training for Business specialises in developing English business language skills for business people wishing to learn the basics of the English language or who need to improve their language skills in the context of the UK business environment. As an Open College Network, (Credit for Learning), approved provider of Level Three, work based training, English Language Training for Business also offers a Certificate in Management and Business Development, compatible with many Further and Higher educational establishments in England and Wales.


We are based in the beautiful city of Canterbury, in the south east of England, with easy access to the channel ports, rail links to London and major airports.  


Our Consultant Trainers work with individuals and small groups, combining learning with opportunities to practise the language with local business owners. In this way, our learners understand some of the complexities of grammar more naturally and effectively, while also expanding their vocabulary.


Using the language on a daily basis, in a variety of contexts, enables learners to gain confidence and fluency.


Further, ELTforB offers additional specialist modules, including guided visits to places of interest, which are used to reinforce individual learning. 


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